Your Wedding

will be a wonderful day
that will leave you with lasting
memories and pictures.  Let us help you create another
         lasting memory as we work with you to choreograph your
         first dance to the choice of your special song and music we will also teach you some popular

Not only will you be able to show these off at your wedding reception, but you can also bring your
dancing skills and enjoy them on your romantic honeymoon nights and for many memorable
years to come.  Give this lasting gift to yourself.

The Emergency Program

Is your wedding only a few weeks away- and suddenly you worry about the dancing?  The
"Emergency Program" offers no "Magic Dance Pill" but we can teach you some basics and give
you the confidence for your Big Day.

The Golden Program

This program is intended to both design your first dance with the music of your choice and teach
you the basics in the most popular dances to be able to dance around the floor with all the dances
Studio East